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Project Monitoring Services

Project Monitoring Services

Project Monitoring Services

SWA aims to identify, quantify and minimize the project risk for our clients. Our specific yet professional feasibility and expected cost analysis, combines with our professional consultation, allows the project quality and potential to reach the expected standard. 

        – Construction Project Supervision
        – Design Compliance Checking
        – Quality Assurance / Quality Control
        – Individualized Assessments
        – Support with Complex Project Coordination Tasks

Our scope of Project Monitoring Services includes:

   – Receiving comprehensive report on construction process, handover of building materials as well as MIC’s production, inspection and testing regularly
   – Ensuring the project quality by monitoring consistently
   – Assuring the project finishes on the proposed completion time and cost
   – Complying with domestic and international regulation and quality standard
   – Predicting overbudget, delays and other potential risk by performing rapid inspection regularly
   – Analyzing technical solutions to maintain the project process

Project & Case Study

Supervising Office Services for Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)

Project Description: This supervising office is the first BCF service center that is located in Kowloon and the construction project is funded by HKJC Charity Trust.

Contribution: SWA acted as a project supervisor to monitor the payment process from contractors and performed quality assurance and quality control on the building quality.


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电话: (852) 2881 6166
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電話: (852) 2881 6166
傳真: (852) 2890 5469

© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved