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Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

As one of the leading construction consultancy firms, SWA provides an all-round project management service.

Our scope of Project Management Services includes:

– Human Resources Management: Assisting clients on nomination of architectural professionals
– Cost Control: Initializing cost control proposal and project management mechanism
– Project Coordination: Co-ordinating with all stakeholders and consultants to obtain all necessary consents from concerned authorities
– Design Enforcement: Reviewing and amending concept designs and associated documents in accordance of clients’ needs
– Progs Monitoring: Composing suitable proposal on risk analysis, safety strategy and project management
– Compliance: Obtaining required legal authorization, licenses and agreements in complying with legislations and regulations

With SWA’s well-structured management system, new construction and property conversion projects can be accomplished in an efficient yet economical fashion.

Project & Case Study

Addition of a Transfer Lift for Linking Sha Kok Estate Footbridge to G/F & 1/F Footbridge of Jat Min Chuen

Project Team | Client: HKHS
Contractor: Ray On Construction Company Limited
Project Completion: 2016

Project Description: This project involves the development of a transfer lift linking Sha Kok Estate Footbridge and Jat Min Chuen.

The original design of both footbridges are not accessible for elderlies and people with disabilities. The transfer lift improves not just the accessibility of two footbridges, but also the connectivity of both Sha Kok Estate and Jat Min Chuen.

Contribution: SWA leaded the project team to accomplish the project within schedule and budget. SWA’s consultants utilize our enriching experience and knowledge in project management, alongside with structural engineers, geotechnical engineers as well as building service engineers, to co-ordinate, design and monitor the project.

Project Management Services

Renovation Works, No.6-6A Humphrey's Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Project Team | Client: Sino Group
Contractor: Yim Hon Kee Co., Ltd
Project Completion: 2017

Project Description: Humphreys is a post-war commercial building with 10 floors, which locates next to the TST MTR station in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. The 4/F to 8/F of the building has been transformed to contemporary serviced apartment ranges from 27 to 33 sq.m. The interior design setting acts as a functional package of living necessity and it is modern interpretation of Hong Kong's high density yet urbanized living environment. 

Project & Case Study

Macau Villa Developing Project

Project Team | Client: Private Owner
Contractor: Sociedade De Engenharia Sun Hip Lek Limitada
Project Completion: 2018

Project Description: The development project involves a 5 floors house with a total gross floor area of approximately 1400 – 1700 sq.m and is built on a natural terrain with the size of approximately 960 sq.m. Multi-purposes room and carparks occupy the two underground floors while the three floors above serve as a residential purpose.

The design and calculation, architectural and interior design, exterior design as well as building services design was performed by structural and geotechnical engineers to satisfy clients' needs.

Contribution: SWA assigned a talented yet experience project team to co-ordinate, design supervise the project with the property owner, architects, structural engineers and geotechnical engineers.


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© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved