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Post Occupancy Evaluation Services

Post Occupancy Evaluation Services

Post Occupancy Evaluation Services

Have you ever have the following doubts?

Does your property operate according to the original plan?
Are you concern on high operation cost, poor employee efficiency and low customer satisfaction on health, safety and comfort?

SWA is an expert on post occupancy evaluation (POE) and can eliminate your concerns.

POE aims to evaluate on the performance and efficiency of an infrastructure. It is applicable on property for education, commercial, retail, business and residential purposes. Inefficient building affects the operation cost, users’ health as well as business performance. Therefore, the importance of POE is rising in an exponential rate, particularly on public infrastructure projects.

POE empowers our client by understanding the following areas of their property:

– Project Compliance after occupation
– Infrastructure Efficiency
– Research on specific elements and problems
– Quality assurance on any immediate problems and solutions
– Potential improvement projects on design and procurement
– Establish professional standard for certain infrastructure or comparison between a specific property with certain standard

Project & Case Study

– Diocesan Girls’ School and Diocesan Girls’ Junior School

– Siu Sai Wan Complex, a public building with community hall, indoor sports centre, swimming pool and library

– Solar Panel Maintenance

– Slip Resistance Testing

– Efflorescence Removal


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© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2021 SWA – All Rights Reserved