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Leakage Investigation and Re-Roofing Works

Leakage Investigation and Re-Roofing Works

Leakage Investigation and Re-Roofing Works

Leakage is one of the most common architectural defects in Hong Kong. It causes not just inconveniences and hygiene problems, but also worsen the structural components of the building. Also, disputes and legal lawsuits resulted from disagreements among property owners have to be significantly addressed.

The causes of leakage could be rather complex. Some of the most general reasons are water pipes defect, poor design in shower drainage system, connection defect on the bottom of bath tub or pipes, inadequate works on pipe waterproofing, insufficient repairing and maintenance on the connective and waterproofing materials.

SWA believes that both hidden and apparent evidence have to be taken into account for water seepage investigation. Thus, previous and current factors are the key to success for a complete analysis. To facilitate the investigation, latest technology and inspection utensils have been utilized.

Roof leakage is also one of the common problems in water seepage. The potential causes of these leakage problems are associated with design and construction. The following lists show some of the most common problems:

1. Expected waterproofing capability could not be met due to design failures
2. Lack of detailing
3. Stagnant water caused by inefficient roof drainage system
4. Incorrect selection on system design or components
5. Overload in drainage systems due to insufficient drainage outlets
6. Fail to address the problem on existing roof components
7. Lack of emphasis on explaining the importance of regular inspection, maintenance and repairing to the property owner 

SWA has extensive experience on managing leakage investigation and re-roofing works. By addressing the potential risks to the property owner, the possibility of severe defects could be greatly reduced.

Project & Case Study

Re-roofing Works of Island West Transfer Station Administration Building (IWTS Admin. Blg) 88 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Project Team | Client: Environmental Protection Department
Construction Cost: HKD 3,000,000
Project Completion: 2018

Project Description: SWA provided leading consultancy services by overseeing the re-roofing works of Island West Transfer Station Administration Building.

Contribution: SWA completed a comprehensive status inspection services to identify the damaged material layers and submitted a maintenance proposal to HKBD for approval as well as managed the entire construction project.

Leakage Investigation and Re-Roofing Works

Project & Case Study

Water Seepage Investigation for the Roof of Industrial Building at Kwai Chung, N.T.

Project Team | Client:
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Project Completion: 2018

Project Description: The industrial building is over 40 years old. The problem of spalling concrete and water seepage was found on various ceiling spots on the 5/F of the building, which was suspected to be the cause of water seepage on that floor. Disputes between Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and the Building Owners’ Corporations were resulted due to the problem of water seepage and SWA was assigned to resolve the disagreements.

Contribution: With years of professional experience in leakage investigation, SWA conducted stagnant water tests and infra-red scans to identify the source of water seepage.


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